WILD LIFE, Why we will be Watching

Here at Dirigo Collective, we believe that staying up to date with new media is crucial to understanding how our society consumes content. Watching movies, in particular, can be a great way to stay informed and engaged with the world around us as art is a reflection of our culture and can have great influence on us all.

We are excited about the new National Geographic documentary film, WILD LIFE, because it tells the incredible story of Kris Tompkins, a conservationist who dedicated her life to protecting the wild landscapes of Chile and Argentina. This movie is especially meaningful to us because it highlights the importance of environmental conservation and the role that we can all play in protecting our planet.

WILD LIFE is directed by the Oscar-winning filmmakers Chai Vasarhelyi and Jimmy Chin, who are known for their breathtaking cinematography and powerful storytelling. The film chronicles Kris and Doug Tompkins’ journey to create National Parks throughout Chile and Argentina, which ultimately led to the largest private land donation in history. Their love story and passion for the environment is truly inspiring, and we believe that it will resonate deeply with folks like yourself that are passionate about protecting our planet.

Check out the trailer below, and maybe we’ll bump into you at the theater.

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