Our expert team specializes in strategic planning tailored to social enterprises and nonprofits, as well as crafting impactful go-to-market strategies for companies with a purpose-driven mission.  We excel in developing compelling content and messaging strategies that resonate with conscious consumers and people looking to have a positive impact. We also provide support for impact measurement, planning, and reporting, as well as customized training and learning opportunities to empower your team. Explore our services to elevate your organization’s positive impact and create lasting change.

Strategic Planning

For Nonprofits and Social Enterprises

Supporting Your Cause

We work with you to help you set 1 yr, 3 yr, 5yr and beyond goals. Our process of strategic planning centers the real world impact your organization is working to realize. We utilize a wholistic approach that includes all stakeholders you impact.

Go to Market Strategy

For mission driven companies and organizations

Amplifying Your Impact

We are the project of certified B Corp Marketing Consultancy and the audience we know best is the conscious consumer. We will work with you to help you better understand where the conscious consumer who would be interested in your work and offerings is, and how to reach them in an authentic and memorable way.

Content Development & Messaging Strategy

Centered on the conscious consumer

Creating Content that Serves Conscious Consumers & Activists

We can work with you to build inbound funnels centered around content that provides value to those you're looking to reach. In creating quality content, we're also able to increase your impact by helping you to better serve your audience.

Impact Measurement, Planning & Reporting

Measuring your impact and creating a roadmap for improvement

Improvement begins with Measurement

Measuring your impact is a critical step to improving it. We can help you identify key impact areas for your organization and help tie your goals to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Once we measure, we can create plans to increase the activities that are producing positive impacts and decrease the negative ones.

Custom Trainings & Learning Opportunities

Helping you and your team better undertand your impact and how to improve it

Learning is a Journey

Having a hard time getting your team to understand B Corp values? Or communicating how those values should manifest in the work? Or perhaps you're looking to better understand how you can be showing up for underrepresented people in your community? We can work with you to create and facilitate custom learning journeys and opportunities for your team.

Certification Support

Helping you navigate the B Impact assessment for B Corp certification

B Corp Certification Support

We work with you and your team to help you better understand this comprehensive certification. As a Certified B Corp ourselves and having helped several other companies certify, we work with you to implement policies and practices that not only help you score higher on your B impact Assessment, they also help strengthen your business.