1% for the Planet

Did you know, only 3% of philanthropic giving goes to environmental causes? We pay taxes to maintain our infrastructure, provide education to future generations, and contribute to our collective good. So why don’t we pay a tax to the very planet that sustains our existence? Enter 1% for the planet. In this episode Celine Miranda, the Business Account Manager for Eastern North America and Global members at 1% for the planet, shares with us how the 1% for the planet certification works and how it works in tandem with B Corp certification and Climate Neutral Certification.

Some key takeaways from our conversation listed below.

  • 1% for the planet is a commitment to use 1% of your revenue (or income for an individual) to environmental non-profits.
  • Both businesses AND individuals can be members.
  • How you contribute that 1% can come in various forms including; volunteer hours, marketing/advertising support to a qualifying non-profit, and direct financial contributions to non-profits.
  • Your B Corp Certification and your Carbon Neutral Certification fees can also count towards your 1%.
  • If you don’t already, check out and follow drag queen outdoors person Pattie Gonia on instagram. You will for sure smile and you may even learn a thing or two.

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