Jill Robbins founded Homefree in an effort to create treats everyone, including folks with food allergies, could enjoy. Homefree creates “treats you can trust.”  They create delicious, wholesome, allergy-friendly treats. Their cookies are gluten free, have no rice, are non-gmo, dairy free, egg free, nut free, and peanut free (did you know peanuts aren’t nuts? They’re legumes!).

In this episode founder Jill Robbins shares with us how Homefree got started and why being a B Corp is so important.

Be sure to check out Homefree and find a store near you that carrie these delicious treats. You can also follow them on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.

As a very generous thank you for having Jill on the show, Homefree sent us a boat load of cookies! Here are some pics of them in our space and I even snagged photos of the first bites from a few teammates! My personal favorite are the lemon burst though it was a toss up with the chocolate mint. I did try every flavor and can testify that they are ALL DELICIOUS! They did not last long! Our team devoured every bag within a week of them coming in the door! So good!