B Tourism Mini Series

Discover the Future of Sustainable Travel

In collaboration with B Tourism, we are thrilled to present a podcast series that delves into the innovative world of responsible travel and sustainability. Each episode brings you insightful conversations with industry leaders and changemakers who are paving the way for a more sustainable future in tourism.


Episode 1: Revolutionizing Tourism with Universities in Florida

Join us as Brittany sits down with Brooke Hansen from the University of South Florida and Dr. Alan Fyall from the University of Central Florida. They discuss the revolutionary potential of responsible tourism to address global challenges like climate change and over-tourism. Learn about the impactful initiatives at USF, where students educate local businesses on sustainable practices, and the shift from destination marketing to destination management.


Episode 2: Transforming Hospitality with Legacy Vacation Resorts

Madison Daum, the Sustainability and Social Purpose Manager at Legacy Vacation Resorts, shares the remarkable transformation of LVR under founder Jared Meyers’ visionary leadership. Discover how B Corp and 1% for the Planet certifications have positively impacted LVR’s culture and environmental footprint. Madison’s journey from academia to sustainability leadership at LVR offers valuable insights into the potential of the hospitality industry as a powerful educator for sustainable practices.


Episode 3: Sustainable Travel with Exodus

Rochelle Turner, former head of sustainability at Exodus Travel Adventures, discusses the balance between exploration and environmental stewardship. Learn about practical steps travelers can take to minimize their carbon footprints while enjoying global wonders. Rochelle shares inspiring efforts to eliminate plastic waste, provide clean drinking water, and support local communities through responsible travel.


Episode 4: Blending Luxury and Sustainability with Explora

Explore how luxury travel can coexist with environmental stewardship with Juan Marambio and Romina Da Pieve from Explora. Discover their groundbreaking conservation efforts in some of the world’s most pristine natural reserves and learn about sustainable practices in luxury travel. This episode will inspire you to see how high-end travel can contribute to conservation and sustainability efforts.


Join us in this enlightening series and be part of the movement towards a more sustainable and responsible tourism industry. To learn more about B Tourism and listen to the episodes!