B Local Series: Unleashing the Power of Business: A Deep Dive into B Locals

In a world where businesses often focus on profits, there exists a remarkable movement that is changing the landscape of capitalism as we know it. Buckle up as we take you on an illuminating journey through the captivating series of B Local Communities, a testament to the potential of businesses to reshape economies for the better.

B Local Communities

At the heart of this movement lies a thriving network of businesses known as B Locals. These aren’t just ordinary groups of people; they are the embodiment of people’s passion and commitment to fostering positive change within their local communities. We explore the dynamic interplay of these communities across North America, guided by the insights and experiences of Brittany, who in the past was a member of the B Local Boston board, and Benn, who has navigated the starting path of the Maine B Corp Champions Group.

B Local Leaders

However, hold on, this narrative goes beyond just businesses. It’s a tale centered around individuals – like Nathan Stuck, Winnie Mulamba, Kel Moddy, Michelle Reid, and Lisa Geason- Bauer, who have reshaped the very fabric of community engagement, inclusivity, and representation. Their stories are nothing short of inspiring, as they share their transformative initiatives, from the Libertory Action Committee in Wisconsin to the justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion chair at B Local Vancouver. Through their tales, we are challenged to reconsider the conventional metrics of event success and recognize the pivotal role diversity plays in nurturing an all-embracing community.

The B Local Podcast Series

As our journey through the B Locals series unfolds, we venture into the realm of tangible impact. From advocacy endeavors to the strategic onboarding of new board members, these communities are etching an indelible mark on their respective regions. Our exploration takes us from the vibrant streets of Vancouver to the sun-soaked landscapes of Florida, revealing the boundless potential these communities harbor. In the words of Michelle, Kel, Winnie, Nathan, and Lisa – five distinct voices – we glimpse their shared experiences, their visions for the future, and an impassioned call-to-action that beckons us all to be purposefully good and to reimagine the very essence of capitalism.

Also on this podcast is Rose Lavelle, the B Local Program Manager at b Lab US and Canada. Having her perspective from a step back brings a lot of value to the conversation. She starts by sharing how B Locals have been formed over the year, how B Lab go involved in the communities, and then we end on her hopes for the future of the relationships.

Amidst this captivating journey, the B Local Communities website stands as a beacon of inspiration and knowledge. It serves as a gateway to a treasure trove of insights, offering a deeper understanding of the pivotal role these communities play in reshaping the business landscape.

Intrigued? Let us give you a glimpse of the rich tapestry of conversations we’ve had with B Local leaders:

  • Michelle Reid, from Vancouver, shares profound insights into the realm of inclusivity within events.
  • Kel Moody, long time board member in Portland, OR, unveils the art of succession planning, a vital lesson their board has gleaned over the years.
  • Lisa Geason-Bauer, representing Wisconsin, opens our eyes to the uncharted territory of remote work as a potent tool for community building.
  • Nathan Stuck, the Georgian trailblazer, unravels the secrets to fostering meaningful connections through intentional networking.
  • Winnie Mulamba, leader in Florida, emphasizes the core significance of community and its instrumental role in driving progress.
  • Rose Lavelle, a driving force within B Lab, masterfully weaves tales of success, challenges, and boundless hopes for the future, painting a vivid portrait of B Locals’ transformative journey.

So, dear readers, tune in to this enthralling podcast series and immerse yourselves in the riveting narratives of B Locals. Let their stories inspire you to be part of a movement that harnesses the power of business for the greater good. As we conclude this remarkable journey, we extend an invitation – join us in the relentless pursuit of leveraging business as a potent force for positive change.

By Brittany Angelo, August 17, 2023