Allagash Brewing

In 1995 Rob Tod founded Allagash Brewing. With innovation at the forefront, he brewed the award winning Allagash White. In the 25 years since then, Allagash has grown substantially and so has their positive impact on community and the environment. Allagash sidestreams 99% of their waste, preventing it from ever making it to a landfill, invests in solar and wind to reduce their carbon foot print, donates 1% of all sales to local nonprofits, and purchased over 750,000 pounds of wheat from right here in their home state of Maine. Crack open a cold one and join us in learning more about how Allagash Brewing is Responsibly Different™.


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Check out The Craft Beer Channel’s tour of Allagash brewery back in July of 2019. They talk through the history of the brewery, including discussing how Rob started the business back in ‘95.

Below NewsCenter Maine sits down with Rob Tod to discuss the impacts of COVID-19 on the business.