Decrease Your Carbon Pawprint With These 5 Pet-Friendly Brands

Get Your Paws on these 5 Pet-Friendly B Corp Brands 

Where would we be without our beloved pets? Supportive, affectionate, and stuck to us through thick and thin, our dogs and cats deserve the very best because they are the very best. Some of them know it, too. Unfortunately, caring for our pets can put a toll on the environment; In 2017, UCLA estimated that feeding dogs and cats meat-based foods creates the equivalent of around 64 million tons of excess carbon dioxide per year. 

There’s gotta be a way to keep our pets happy while protecting the environment, right? Well, here’s the good news: there is and these five most pawesome B Corps certified companies figured out how to make it happen. 

Only Natural Pet 

Dedicated to transparency in pet health and nutrition since 2004, Only Natural Pet takes pride in using honest ingredients and sustainable practices to produce all-natural products for our beloved dogs and cats. Like so many of the companies on this list striving to change the way our pets eat, sleep, live, and play, Only Natural Pet was inspired by a dog named Crinkles. When founder Marty Grosjean adopted the lab mix in 2002, he had to tailor Crinkles’ diet by adopting an all-natural, holistic diet to help the ailing pup. After seeing the many benefits of “head-to-tail healthy living” on Crinkles, Marty knew he had to take his show on the road to help other dogs and cats in Crinkles’ same position. Now, this certified B Corp partners with organizations like Carbon Credit Capital and Green America to save the earth while saving our pets.  


“Luxury” and “pets” are two words you don’t typically see together in a sentence, but P.L.A.Y. has their craft down to a science Purveyors of sustainably-made dog beds and toys, this San Francisco B Corp makes each bed with your pup in mind, sourcing only sustainable materials while aiming for maximum doggy comfort. Every dog bed is made of 100% machine washable hypoallergenic cotton and upholstery grade fabrics, ensuring your little buddy can enjoy a good night’s sleep without the risk of irritation or itching. Plus, every extra large lounge bed is made from 108 recycled plastic bottles. 

West Paw

Based in the sprawling mountain town of Bozeman, Minnesota, West Paw is family-owned and operated certified B Corp proudly providing dogs with eco-friendly toys, treats, collars, and beds. CEO, President, & Dog’s Best Friend, Spencer Williams, founded West Paw in 1996 as a means to help dogs and their owners enjoy a healthy planet while giving them the creature comforts that make life worth lounging. These folks go all out — from IntelliLoft® toy and bed stuffing made from recycled plastic bottles to treats made with high-pressure pasteurization process (HPP) that eradicates bacteria, everything West Paw sells is made responsibly. 


Every great story starts with poop — well, that’s what the team at Scrumbles believes. And you know what? We think they’re on to something. This proudly-British B corp was founded as a way to combat the particularly stinky smells produced by the founders’ dog and cat, Smudge and Boo. The solution? A nutritious, delicious, grain-free hypo-allergenic line of pet food that utilizes single-source protein that’ll get your animals’ motor running. 


You can thank the owner of a big Bernese mountain dog named Dano for Yarrah. A leader in the organic dog and cat food game, Yarrah puts your pets’ needs above their own by sourcing only the highest-quality ingredients such as organic chicken, MSC fish, peas, seaweed, and more. Naturally, everything is free from pesticides, preservatives, refined sugars, and artificial flavors/colors you’d find in some big-name pet brands. Quality control is obviously a huge source of pride for Yarrah, a company pillar demonstrated by inspecting all raw materials before processing and by visiting suppliers in person to “verify that the animals have a better life and the raw materials are truly organic.” 


By Jeremy Glass, May 20, 2021