B Corp Round Up

March is B Corp Month! How better to bring it to a close than to share with you 10 of our favorite B Corps that we think you may not have heard of and share some of what makes them our favorites. To be clear, there are A LOT of amazing B Corps that we love that are not on this list, who are some of your favorite B Corps? Drop us a note in the contact form and we might feature them on the blog or on a future episode of the podcast.


We love voting, and good voters that vote. Not everyone loves to vote as much as we do and data has shown that people who are reminded to vote and have easier access to the information they need to vote are more likely to, you guessed it, vote. Activote is a very easy to use mobile app for voters to easily keep track and get reminders of where and when to vote. In addition, there are great built in tools that inform voters about different candidates and issues that will appear on their ballot and even links directly to social channels when available. It truly enables voters in the United States to stay inspired, informed, and reminded about our ever important elections.

Certified Since: December 2021, Overall B Impact Score 80.2


Aether Diamonds

Wait, a diamond company made our list? Heck yes they did! Aether Diamonds literally turns air into diamonds, and they do it all using clean or renewable energy. They pull carbon out of the air to create their diamonds and do it without the use of fossil fuels. They are the first (and currently only) lab grown diamond company who’s impact is a net positive for the environment. For every carat purchased, they commit to pulling 20 tonnes of C02 out of the atmosphere. We recently sat down with one of their co-founders to learn more about the incredible process, be sure to subscribe to the podcast so you can catch that episode when it drops on April 28th.

Certified Since: January 2022,  Overall B Impact Score: 96.5



Blueland is working to eliminate single use plastic bottles in the cleaning space. Rather than getting a bottle full of cleaner, you purchase a bottle one time, and get tablets that dissolve in water to create your cleaners. They have foaming hand soap, dish soap and even laundry solutions. We’ve tried their full line up and can’t get enough of it!  

Certified Since: March 2021, Overall B Impact Score: 94.7



Makes all kinds of products from bamboo, one of the most sustainable and useful plants for making products. They carry everything from toilet paper, to cotton swabs and floss all made out of bamboo. If you’re looking to reduce your own carbon footprint or that of your office, check these folks out.

Certified Since: December 2021, Overall B Impact Score 82.2


Karst Stone Paper

Yes, it’s exactly what you think, they make paper out of stone. And not mined stone, rather from recycled stone and without any bleaches or acids. We have some Karst journals around the office, and they do have a little more weight to them but their pages are smoother than butter. Definitely worth checking out for your next notebook or journal purchase. They are an office fave.

Certified Since: October 2019, Overall B Impact Score 83.6



Over 60% of american workers were living paycheck to paycheck in January of 2022 according to a report from Lending Club. PayActiv works to create liquidity for workers by granting them access to their earned wages as soon as the same day they worked, eliminating the two week pay cycle. We recently had their Chief Customer Officer Sabina Bhatia on the show, and it is pretty incredible the work they are doing.

Certified Since: November 2015, Overall B Impact Score 103.4


P.L.A.Y. Pet Lifestyle And You

Our office dog Remy has three dog beds from P.L.A.Y. and for good reasons. One, is that the fill in the dog beds is from 100% post consumer plastic waste and the second is that for every dog bed sold, they give a bed to a pet in need of one at a shelter. If you’re looking for a new bed or some toys for your furry pal, be sure to check these folks out.

Certified Since: June 2016, Overall B Impact Score 87.5


Picture Organic Clothing

From the Alps of France comes an outdoor apparel company that makes over 60% of their clothing from sugarcane waste! Utilizing bio sourced materials they are combating climate change by creating innovative new fabrics that will inspire others to see that sustainable clothing is much more possible than one may have imagined!

Certified Since: November 2019, Overall B Impact Score: 85.4


Taos Ski Valley

The world’s first certified B Corp Ski Resort just had to make our list. Its on our list of B Corp vacation destinations. Taos is employing some really great strategies in sustainability, like upcycling their food waste (read more about that here), and their Ski the Change initiative as part of their commitment to people and planet.

Certified Since: February 2017, Overall B Impact Score: 82.7



If you are planning any kind of event, TripZero is a must have. They work with you and your event planners to offset the entire carbon footprint of your event at no extra cost. We had their founder and CEO Eric Zimmerman on the show last fall, check it out if you want to learn more about carbon offsets and how TripZero can help your next event.

Certified Since: August 2014, Overall B Impact Score: 106.4


By Benn Marine, March 31, 2022