10 Black Owned B Corps Breaking Barriers in Business

This August, Black business owners took center stage in the national conversation around Black-owned businesses for the aptly-named Black Business Month. With less than 1% of VC funding going to Black-owned startups and businesses, Black Americans face a unique set of challenges their white counterparts couldn’t begin to comprehend. 

One recent report from global management consulting firm, McKinsey & Company, explained that Black business owners face “economic, market, sociocultural, and institutional barriers, which are all linked to racial discrimination in the United States.” 

So, you’ve got to appreciate the companies that take it upon themselves to go the extra mile to pursue B Corp certification. While this list of 10 Black-owned B Corps (and growing) pales in comparison to the more than 4,000 B Corps in around the globe, we can use this opportunity to support and spread the word of Black business owners beyond the month of August. 

1. Sweet Livity 

On a mission to improve the effectiveness of sustainability in vulnerable communities, Sweet Livity helps individuals and businesses achieve their goals without making any unnecessary sacrifices. Learn more about Sweet Livity through our conversation with the founders in episode 21.

2. Kinetic Communities Consulting

Advocating for strategic energy equity market transformations for diverse NYC communities, Kinetic Communities Consulting is a New York M/WBE certified social enterprise Benefit Corporation collaborated with energy + affordable housing industry partners to grant easier access to energy efficiency opportunities for under-represented communities.”

3. Fit4Dance 

Connecting affordable dance and fitness to women and children in Brooklyn, Fit4Dance offers a welcome and open space where people can improve their health, meet new friends, and explore other cultures in a safe environment. 

4. Consciously

As the first Black-owned, B Corp-certified marketing agency, Consciously aims to inspire a global movement of using business as a force for good. Catering to earth-conscious companies, thoughtful brands, and nonprofits, this 100%  Black-owned agency uses something they call the Consciously Marketing Method — a focus on strengthening relationships, articulating value, communicating purpose, and building processes with an eye towards results.

5. Goodee

Calling themselves a gang of “socially-conscious design enthusiasts,” Goodee puts caring for the planet and its inhabitants at the forefront of everything they do. As a leading curated marketplace, Goodee offers home, office, and lifestyle essentials from responsible brands and artisans for consumers who want furniture, home decor, and this freaking adorable bamboo lunch tray that makes a difference.  

6. Tribe HR Consulting 

Founded by HR professional, Celeste Thompson, Tribe HR is a human resource consulting and coaching firm dedicated to helping CEOs, executives, and entrepreneurs learn the skills to implement, both, policies and procedures.

7. Cyborg Mobile

Cyborg Mobile is on a mission to tackle today’s biggest challenges using end-to-end technological solutions. Offering management consulting, technological design, and staff augmentation, Cyborg Mobile helps Fortune 100, Pre-IPO, and K-12 organizations improve and evolve their culture and management practices. 

8. TMI Consulting Inc. 

Originally founded in 2003 as an inclusive marketing LLC, TMI Consulting now focuses solely on diversity and inclusion consulting services, earning them international recognition in the field of organizational development and civic engagement. One of their founders, Tiffany Jana, also literally co-wrote the B Corp Handbook.

9. Imago

Imago describes itself as an executive coaching and organizational consulting firm providing services like strategic planning, team development and facilitation, and change management to public, nonprofit and philanthropic organizations. With clients ranging from Child Care Resources to Equal Opportunity Schools, Imago is here to help you become a radically responsible entity. 


Not only does RECIRC’s patented zero waste packaging approach offer an innovative approach to sustainability, but it can be applied to any shape, size, material and industry. As the world’s first Black-owned sustainable packaging B Corp, RECIRC’s work with brands, manufacturers, and entrepreneurs make it easy for anyone to get their hands on this ingenious packaging innovation. 

By Jeremy Glass, August 23, 2021